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Pre development
1. Do you know what the main purpose of your website will be? - unanswered

2. Do you know what your main target audience will be? Age, gender, educational level or geographical location? - unanswered

3. Do you know how you're going to monetize your website? - unanswered

4. Have you already registered a domain name for your website/webshop in the desired extensions? - unanswered

5. In case you have already registered a domain name, do you know if this is a unique name? - unanswered

6. Do you know if there are comparable companies or websites with a similar name? - unanswered

7. Do you know if the name of your website is a unique name or a different name than what you are doing compared to websites that do the same? - unanswered

8. Do you have a team that can develop your website? - unanswered

9. Do you know what your corporate identity will be for your website, such as a logo, favicon and use of color? - unanswered

10. Do you already have content for your website? - unanswered

11. Do you already have webhosting? - unanswered

12. Do you know if your website should be mobile first? - unanswered

13. Do you know whether your website should be multilingual? - unanswered

14. Have you already thought about a separate contact page with possibly also navigation such as a map? - unanswered

15. Do you know if your website needs a login for customers or other parties? - unanswered

16. Have you already thought about links to other partner websites? - unanswered

17. Do you already have a secure connection for your website and domain name? - unanswered

18. Do you know if your website should be displayed in different countries? - unanswered

Deployment and maintenance
19. Does the website go live with a specific promotional marketing? - unanswered

20. Does your website need SEO or other types of marketing campaigns? - unanswered

21. Do you have a plan to maintain your website? - unanswered

22. Will the website be linked to social media? - unanswered

23. Do you want to have chat functionality for the users of your website? - unanswered

24. Do you want to be able to view statistics about your website? - unanswered

25. Have you prepared everything with the legal part? Disclaimer, cookie policy, privacy policy, general terms and conditions? - unanswered

26. Do you have all the documentation regarding the GDPR and if so is it necessary to offer an opt-out option on the website in the form of a privacy bar? - unanswered

27. Have you performed an extensive browser check? IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge? - unanswered

Further development
28. Do you have a plan for the further development of your website? - unanswered

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1. Are you unsatisfied with your webhosting package? - unanswered

2. Do you use more with your webhosting than at the start of your subscription? - unanswered

3. Does the mail occupy the largest space of your webhosting package? - unanswered

4. Do you have problems with your webhosting regarding the mail? - unanswered

5. E-mails don't always arrive to your email box? - unanswered

6. Do people sometimes not receive e-mails from your e-mail box? - unanswered

7. Do you have problems with your webhosting regarding your website? - unanswered

8. Doesn't your website or webshop load fast enough? - unanswered

9. Do you need a secure connection to your website? - unanswered

10. Do you need a cookie, general conditions, processor agreement or disclaimer and then also in combination with a privacy bar so that your website becomes GDPR proof? - unanswered

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Idea and team
1. Will you personally use your product? - unanswered

2. Can you find 10+ people who are willing to pay for it now? - unanswered

3. Is this idea different what you loved to do? - unanswered

4. Is the problem (very) painful that you intend to solve? - unanswered

5. Is your target market big enough to create a real business out of it? - unanswered

6. Is your revenue model a realistic one or not? - unanswered

7. Can the founders execute and/or do they have some experience in making a startup/company? - unanswered

8. Can the founders identify what they need to do, beyond the obvious? - unanswered

9. Can the customer address the problem today? - unanswered

11. Do you have a simplest version of your idea? - unanswered

12. Can you take your idea fast to market? - unanswered

13. Can you build fast a minimum viable product? - unanswered

14. Is your product different enough compared to other solutions or competitors? - unanswered

15. Do you have enough money to build your first prototype? - unanswered

16. Customers will only buy a simple product. Can you explain your product in one sentence? - unanswered

17. Do you have any advantage over the competition? - unanswered

18. Are you passionate enough about the idea to dedicate all your time for the next 1-2 years to it? - unanswered

19. Can you get access to 2-3 high profile people who can advise you on how to succeed in that target market? - unanswered

20. Can you convince 1-2 great people to work with you right now? - unanswered

21. Can you soon scale it? - unanswered

22. Does it make the world a better place? - unanswered

Product and success factors
23. Is it creative, innovative and unique? - unanswered

24. Do you know which opportunities and risks you face? - unanswered

25. Can you obtain some patents? - unanswered

26. Do you have set some long term goals? - unanswered

27. Will there be an industry developing (market growth)? - unanswered

28. Do you have researched some success factors? - unanswered

29. Can you make it clear with a motivated return on investment why someone should give you money? - unanswered

30. Do you know how your business will survive and grow in the next five years? - unanswered

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Validation Startup
1. Do you know what you're going to offer or make? - unanswered

2. Did you already validate the service or product that you want to place on the market? - unanswered

If you didn’t do this yet we also offer a validation checklist. 

3. Do you already have a name for your startup? - unanswered

5. Do you have a business plan? - unanswered

6. Did you already figure out the (startup) investment? - unanswered

7. Did you get your family behind you with your plan? - unanswered

Registration part
8. Do you need to have some special identification numbers to be registered as an entrepreneur? - unanswered

9. Do you already have opened a company banking account? - unanswered

10. Do you have to obtain certain licenses or permits? - unanswered

11. Do you have to register in the Chamber of Commerce? - unanswered

12. Did you register the name of your company? - unanswered

The registration of your name can take place in a couple of ways:

  • Registering as a domain name
  • Registering in the BBIE as official company name
Deployment of startup
13. Do you already have an office, warehouse, retail space or space in general to work? - unanswered

14. Did you already hire some employees (if applicable?) - unanswered

15. Did you already set up an accounting system? - unanswered

16. Did you already set up a record keeping system? - unanswered

17. Did you already obtain business insurance? - unanswered

18. Have you already developed a business identity? - unanswered

19. Did you already assign responsibilities to co-founders? - unanswered

20. Did you get the word out with regards to marketing? - unanswered

21. Did you involve your network by creating your startup? - unanswered

22. Did you line up suppliers and service providers? - unanswered

23. Did you find free advice or channels to find more information? - unanswered

24. Did you refine your pitch? For example investors or first clients? - unanswered

25. Do you have a salesperson or sales team in place? - unanswered

Further deployment
26. Did you already make some strategic partnerships? - unanswered

27. Did you refine your product, and marketing and sales approach? - unanswered

28. Did you secure your IT? - unanswered

29. Did you consult your insurance agent and secure coverage? - unanswered

30. Did you get a mentor or a group of people that can criticize/help you? - unanswered

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